Decades after invaders led by the White Wizard stormed across the Dark Sea and ravaged Verngaurd; the world is once again on the brink of war. Yet, this time, something is different. An evil is leaching its way across the land precisely as magic is waning, and time-honored alliances are fracturing.


A dusty prophecy whispers a glimmer of hope, a soft rustle against an avalanche of darkness. With the world engulfed in war and chaos, a small group of friends set off on a quest to discover the source of all magic, the key to stopping the advancing evil. The voyage proves much more stringent than they could have ever imagined.


The overwhelmed band of heroes find themselves spiraling down an insane quest as the world around them crumbles. If the terrifying trials meant to protect the ancient scrolls don’t kill them, the eccentric and unimaginable guardians just might.


Havoc and sweeping battles are bursting on all sides as they struggle to complete their odyssey. Can they beat the odds and acquire the source of magic? Will it be enough to stop the ancient evil before spine-chilling carnage from innumerable battles chokes all life from the world?

About Far Forest Scrolls


About the Author

Alpha Four, or A4, is an enigmatic figure from the turn of the first millennium of the Common Era (C.E.). Although the formality of his education is uncertain, we know he studied military history, martial skills, languages, history, philosophy, mathematics, religion, and wrote extensively. Evidence suggests he was a ranking courtier and military advisor in the turbulent environment that was England one thousand years ago. He likely served in Æthelred II's court (and possibly Sweyn I, the Danish sovereign who briefly sat on the English throne in 1013 C.E.).


Favorite Far Forest Scrolls Quotes

A man’s perspective is limited by the brevity of his existence. Even living deliberately, how far up can we reach?

Standing on our miniscule patch of time, how far into the future can we see? How much of the past can one truly understand?

The significance of each change of season is easily buried in the smallest of life’s mundanities and trivialities.

Yet, the true consequence of time’s passage is there, blaring within the subtle disguise of a whisper for all who would listen.

Jealousy has a way of clouding logic.

A glimmer of hope, even a small one lingering tantalizingly far in the future, can help you face the trials in between.

Once metal hits metal and battle begins no one wishes they had practiced less!

Only a fool would call a desert a lake and expect it to change the amount of water.

You must practice until you see everything about the entire conflict: the location of the fight, your opponents mind, body and spirit.

Of his body the most vulnerable, and the easiest to attack, is the mind. 

Defeat your enemy’s mind and you conquer their will to fight and you will win.

Talking big in dark corners seldom achieves anything other than getting you into trouble.

The world demands substantial sacrifice, often unfairly, from those it has bestowed the greatest ability.

Sometimes, decisions don’t come down to right and wrong. 

We are occasionally left with two painful alternatives, neither of which is pleasant.

Time continually strides forward, turning all that glitters to old.

Most people do not contemplate the motivation of their actions or understand the importance

of doing them well and for the right reason.

Move through life as if every one of your actions will echo forever.

Choose your words carefully.  You never know the size or length of the impact they will have.

I will let myself miss people, but not for long.  All things end. To think otherwise will only lead to disappointment.

I hate to see the greatness that lies untouched in your heart squandered.  

If you think happiness is to be found in anything of this world, you are bound to be wrong and distraught at its impermanence.

There’s one thing about the future, it comes whether we are prepared for it or not.

Power is only respected if it is not used, otherwise it is simply intimidation and imposing fear.

Live life as if it were a grand adventure.  Don’t let fear paralyze you.

Feel the splendor of each day.  Have no regrets on your deathbed, my son.

Attack, and enjoy life with no regrets. 

Do your talking while your heart is powerful and your muscles have the strength to chase your dreams.

When you realize the forces holding you down are of your own making, you will achieve a greatness few can dream of.

Start living your dreams out in the day and let sleep be a time of rest from living rather than an escape from life.

Most people take advice like a rock in their boot.  They see it as an annoyance to be discarded as quickly as possible.

Overconfidence easily slides into arrogance.

True glory comes from acknowledging your fear, calming your emotions,

and bringing mind, body and spirit into a single and just purpose. 

You faced your fear today, that’s heroism.  

Sometimes fighting against evil is not a choice, but an imperative.

Your experience drives your perception and your perception drives your experience.

Conquering what you are afraid of might be a reasonable definition of a true hero, but it doesn’t make it easier.

Every morning sets us on a voyage to a place cloaked in fog that we have never seen, our unknown future. 

There’s the problem. We have to make good decisions without seeing what is in front of us.

Each day is a step towards an uncertain fate, creating our destiny one stride at a time. 

Make a conscious decision on where you want to go, and how agreeably you will walk your life’s journey.

You will never regret doing the right thing, but will frequently mourn avoiding it.

Don’t wait too long to start living and enjoying your friends.  Life is the right here, right now.

Grasp the moment in front of you and breathe it in, treasure it for what it is, the most important time of your existence.

Don’t let anger or frustration rule your days.  Like a wall can break your hand when you punch it,

the anger you lash out towards others splatters back on your own heart.

Beauty can restore faith.

No matter what others tell you, know in your heart how beautiful you are.

Always answer evil with a smile, it really annoys them!

Don’t let what happens to you in life become so heavy that it prevents you from living. 

Learn something from the experience, then let the bad memories fall aside. Let your mind do what your body does, walk away.

If you hold on to bad experiences, you give them power to disrupt your mind and weigh down your life.




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