Realms of the Land

verngaurd map



This ecologically diverse region consists of an immense mainland, diminutive islands encircling the major landmass, and a series of substantial islands to the southeast and east. The massive Tingij Mountains run down the center of the mainland, broken only by the steep gully known as the Way of Trepas. Elves and Fairies originally evolved to the west of the Tingij, while humans and Dwarves developed to the east.

Three suns, Mardin, Luminos, and Pheobus, provide ample light across the diverse Verngaurdian landscape. Frozen tundra marks the Northeast corner, while the Desert of Calor nestles in the Southwest. Fertile farmland, grassy plains, massive volcanoes, marshes, and diverse forests round out the scenery.


Regions/Countries of Verngaurd:

AgerLocated in the southeast corner of Verngaurd, Ager is an agrarian society. Agerian farmers are big and strong, usually one to three heads taller than other inhabitants of Verngaurd. The most common livestock are trompe (massive ox like creatures with large horns and thick hair) and chickens. Agerians wear leather armor and helmets. They brandish broadswords, armored pole flails (an adaptation of their threshing flail), and war hammers.

Capital: Maatila

Ruled by: King Tarha

Champion: CampesinoAger flag


The white symbol vita or “symbol of life” appears against a brown background. The symbol vita has three pronged arrows: two point down and out to the sides while a central one points straight up.

arbre fonceThis northern forest is named for the dark wood conifer trees that blanket the region. There are no recognized settlements. However, rumors abound, and the area is widely regarded as haunted by the undead and avoided by the wise. The few survivors emerging from the forest report blood-sucking fiends and walking dead with black, tentacle-like fangs.


Capital: None

Ruled by: Unknown

Champion: Unknown

Flag: None

Calor DesertBaking in the Southeast corner of Verngaurd is its only desert. This region roasts in the shadow of a ring of mountains which soak up the rains. With westerly winds keeping the ocean moisture away, it is incredibly dry save for a few oases. Although this inhospitable region is mostly desolate, its notable creatures are the spiral horned kameli, and the ferratus lanx, a creature as vicious as it is freakish. Oasis Vastaus is the main fount of life for the barren land.

Capital: None

Ruled by: No ruler

Champion: None

Flag: None

fairiesA magical region in the Northwest corner of Verngaurd shaped by ancient volcanoes and centuries of waterways. Tall tan and black rock spires, known as fairy chimneys, are home to the Fairies. Delectable mushrooms grow hugging the rock walls. Sprite streams run in between the rock spires with flowing swirls of color from the fragrant flowers growing in and around the waterways. Sprites and their Spriggan live in these lush areas.



Fairies: Thin and wiry, they stand two feet tall. They are tan colored with rough brown hair. They have claws on each finger, and thin, but strong, bifid wings.Weapons are a blow dart, atlatl, and peccary tusk spears. Their clothes are a burnt red or dull reddish-brown material taken from the skin of some of the tougher mushrooms.


sprites and spriggens


Sprites: About six inches tall, each Sprite has a unique color, or mix of colors. Their insectile faces are elongated with two antennae. Sharpened fangs hang over the lower lip, hiding a tube-like proboscis for feasting on the water from the streams which is ripe with nutrition from thick pollen. They can use blow darts to kill fish/small prey and defend themselves.

Spriggan: These odd creatures are intimately connected to Sprites. After being born colorless they transform to exactly match the color of the Sprite who chooses them during the rite of Desumo. They are equally at home in the air and water. They have long snouts and prehensile tongues for fishing nectar out of the many aquatic and field flowers growing around the River Imir.


cappadocia flag

Capital: Castle Gorem

Ruled by: King Kuningas; a Fairy

Champion: Unknown

Flag (rarely used): a rainbow of colors streaking horizontal and vertical

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dragon countryThere are three types of dragons with intelligence inversely correlated with size. The green Vioma and blue Kirvella are native to mainland Verngaurd while the Saatana were originally found on the rocky Proliate Islands. The Sataana were moved by the Knights and Dwarves to join their cousins in volcano infested central Verngaurd when they were hunted to near extinction by the Proliate warriors.

To breathe fire the dragons strike two unbreakably hard and grooved frizzen together, one in the upper and one in the lower lip of the dragon’s mouth. kirvella dragonsOnce they collide a spark is created just as the dragon launches a forceful stream of naphtha, a viscous liquid that becomes un-extinguishable when lit.

The smaller Kirvella Dragons speak fluently and have intellects to rival any in Verngaurd. The blue males are the ruling class and work closely with the Northern Dwarves. They feed on large insects and farmed bats.

vioma dragons


The large Vioma Dragons are green and understand simple commands from their Dwarf trainers-the Aer Ridire. Going into battle they are armored and fitted with small wooden carriages for the Northern Dwarves air cavalry, the Aer Ridire.


saatana dragons

Red Saatana are the largest dragons and their enormous size is matched only by their untamed savagery. They have fish-like gills on the sides of their horned heads which help regulate the flow of air so they can breathe while blasting fire.

Capital: Mount Honoo

Ruled by: Council of Kirvella which consists of eight Kirvella Dragons: 1. Eide 2. Noesis 3. Chiffre 4. Dianoia 5. Contatto 6. Pistis 7. Eikones 8. Eikasia

Champion: None

Flag: None

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northern dwarvesTaller than their Southern Cousins, they work in a symbiotic relationship with the dragons. Their stout men are known for their thick hair and beards while the women are much shorter with a lean and balefully aspect.

The Dwarves of the north help the dragons mind the magma irrigation ditches and reservoirs to manage the constantly erupting volcanoes of Keha Haudella and Mount Honoo. They use the molten magma to work their foundries.

Their army has three segments, one for each type of dragon.


saatan dwarves



Those in the red Saatana Division are known as Dragon Warriors. They carry the infamous Draak sword notable for its protruding razor sharp spikes up the entire length of the blade. Their flag: a red dragon against a silver background.


vioma dwarves


The Vioma or Green Division has an infantry and a cavalry. Instead of horses their mounted troops ride Vioma dragons and are called Aer Ridire. They wear green tunics below their dragon winged helmets. The infantry prefers large shields with heavy axes and war hammers. The Aer Ridire prefer “S” shaped or sine short swords and crossbows. The Aer Ridire use a crude language to communicate with the Vioma dragons. Flag: a green pennant with the white outline of a dragon.


vasama dwarves


The Vasama are the blue clad Special Forces. They work in small, mobile units of ten to twelve. Their long hair is dreadlocked with the small blue scales of Kirvella dragons. They specialize in intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and logistics. Excellent craftsdwarves, they have two highly curved medium swords and a variety of throwing weapons. They ride gliders launched by Vioma. Flag: a white background with a blue dragon.

Capital: Koori Mountains

Ruled by: The Dragon King Abernan

Champion: Unknown

Flag: See above (each of the three factions has its own flag based on the associated dragon.)

southern dwarves realmThe Southern Dwarves have adapted to life underground as they insatiably mine precious metals, silver, gold, and jewels. Despite being called a “kingdom,” the last hereditary king died centuries ago. They are ruled by a High Council with two representatives from each of the major mines within their mountainous home. They are shorter, with much larger eyes, than the Dwarves of the North.

Their armor and weapons are highly decorated and intricate. Despite the gaudy appearance, their armor and weapons are still highly effective, thanks to their considerable forging skills.

Masters of prestidigitation (an illusory or fake magic performed with Loitsia control sticks,) they often fool unsuspecting buyers.


southern dwarves flag


Capital: Mines of Teras

Ruled by: Representative High Council

Champion: Hystum

Flag: Brown background covered with depictions of precious jewels and metals around an axe and a sword.

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eaglian titleThey live in colossal nests high within the Giant Redwood forest of Western Verngaurd. A blend of human and eagle, they have muscular human shoulders, arms and abdomen. From the waist down the legs are covered in thick brown feathers. Their legs dive backwards before doubling back underneath and ending in frightening talons. The head has the build of a human’s but is covered in short white feathers, with large winged ears and a fearsome beak.

Their weapons of choice are swords and eight spiked throwing darts. If thrown with great enough force the entire four inch dart will be buried in the victim and become impossible to retrieve. Eaglians are incredibly intelligent and devoted.


Eaglian versus Griffin




Capital: None

Ruled by: Council of Elders

Champion: Aquila

Flag: None


Eaglian Attack

leader of elves


Grand Master Elf: This ancient position was created shortly after the Western Elves broke away from Creber Forest. The position is alternately filled by an Elf of Creber and a Western Elf. As tensions have mounted the position has become more of a token position. Currently it is filled by Patuljak.





Elves of Creber

creber elvesThese Elves live within the confines of their sacred Creber Forest. They have evolved to blend in with the trees. Their brown skin has hints of black and green with deep, bark-like ruts. They have fine facial features and pointed ears. They “see” completely differently than any other elf of creber Vision to them is a series of complex colors based on anything from health-sickness to aggression-good will.

There are no traditional buildings or structures. Each Elf has an arbor breith or birth tree. The roots of these massive trees are above the ground and the Elves live beneath them. From birth to death there is an unbreakable connection between each Elf and his or her arbor breith.


All of their utensils and weapons come from smooth vestigial branches known as uhri. These branches simply re-grow when cut, assuring that no tree within Creber is ever cut down.

The center of Elf life is the massive edelia arbor breith or Tree of Life. This colossal tree grows in the center of chyfys, an outdoor temple area. It is said to be the first tree of Creber, the birth tree of the nation of Elves.

Varna are the Elfin warriors who defend the forest. All of their weapons come from the riches of the forest: white wood bows, a staff over five feet long, a truncheon or baton (a wooden bar made to fit outside their arms with a hand grip), a nunchaku (two sticks connected by short rope), and a kama (a stick tipped with the unbreakable beak of a Tuima bird).

elves of creber flag

Capital: Tree of Life

Ruled by: Ruling class of Archerians, headed by Ailante

Champion: Kempe

Flag: Green with a silvery-white tree


Western Elves (Elves of Dunn)

western elfThese Elves threw off the traditions of Creber and headed west. They felt the relationship between Elf and birth tree had grown too strong, too perverse, to the point of being unhealthy. They become skilled craftselves, priding themselves on substantial cities bursting with elaborate buildings. The Tower of Dunn is the most famous building among many elaborate structures. Over the centuries the Western Elves became taller and of fairer skin than the Elves remaining in Creber. Their faces tend to be monochromatic with no deep ruts or grooves. Utilizing their awareness of the natural world their sparkling cities are surrounded by high yielding farms.

Herra Isanta: is a sleek warrior with unequalled skills at the bow and halberd, and is regarded as the best fighter of the Western Elves. She has long black hair and dark black eyes. She is lean but well muscled.

western elves flag

Capital: City of Dunn

Ruled by: Bondi

Champion: Herra Isanta

Flag: Black pennants with a golden bow: within the bow to the right is a tree and to the left is the Black Tower of Dunn

independent knightsOnce the proud protectors of Verngaurd with thirty-five large castles and keeps throughout the land, they saw their influence exhausted after the brutal Dark Wars. The Knights were badly defeated sixty years ago and they are now down to three castles. The Proliate and Magicians are seen as the true victors of the first Dark Wars and took over much of the Knights’ power.knights in battle

Remaining castles: Liberum is centrally located and run by the head of the Knights, Friar Pallium. They use animals to signify the different squads. Taiheart is run by Veli Falciss and uses heraldry on shields to designate their squads. Toil Shaor is run by Veli Pinguis and they use numbers to designate their squads.

Their way of life is being threatened by a growing lack of respect and trust. The countries of Verngaurd used to provide recruits and money in exchange for the Knights’ protection. Increasingly, each country has been building up its own army and looking to the Proliate for defense.

Young children start their career as stable mates with menial duties. Between the ages of ten and twelve they graduate to squire and are assigned to a Knight. At eighteen they qualify to test for Knighthood via trials and exams.liberum castle


Capital: Liberum

Ruled by: Friar Pallium is in overall command. The Veli head up their remaining friar

knights flagChampion: Ritari

Flag: A blue flag with a white castle tower in front of two crossed swords: rising from the top “V” made by the swords is a dove of peace. It conveys that the Knights are defenders of Verngaurd and enforcers of peace and tranquility. Click for more Independent Knights pictures

jaaTheir unique culture is intertwined with the demands of their harsh environment in the frozen tundra of the north. Jaa is home to some of the most fearsome creatures in all of Verngaurd. The white wolfbear or valkea osolobos stands upright and has large finger-like claws. Its face is round, but with a long snout and ominous fangs. The torahammas or fang-sheep live along the rolling hills of Kumpu and the Kuorrataa Ice Springs. These un-domesticated sheep spear fish with their long fangs. They have claws on their front paws and hooves in the back. Their milk is considered a delicacy, but many die each year trying to harvest it.

ice palaceDespite their massive size and terrifying tattoos the men only fight within the borders of Jaa. This stems from a belief that when their gods formed the world, the men were created directly from the earth. According to legend their women were formed from clouds, and can thus drift and fight across Verngaurd. Women are the main warriors and leaders.

princessThe women warriors use Ko stones from their sacred white mountains for much of their armor. Their favorite weapon is the massive guandua which consists of a towering wooden pole ending in a massive blade that is deeply curved for sweeping cuts.

They build sacred inukshuk (stone landmarks built to look like a person) to guide their hunters in the blowing snow and commune with their ancestors.

Princess Hamaza: the beautiful warrior princess of Jaa. She has strikingly dark black hair, smooth crisp skin devoid of blemish or wrinkle, and large dark eyes. She is thin but muscular.

jaa map

Capital: Ice Palace, Palas Frusen

Ruled by: Queen Antiopay; her daughter is Princess Hamaza.

Champion: Unknown

Flag: Its base color is blue. A white inukshuk is slightly off center and to the right. Three green waves representing the northern lights run behind the inukshuk. One wave traverses the entire flag. The other two are to the left of the flag and are more vertical. A yellow star floats in the flags upper right corner.

magiciansThe number of Magicians has fluctuated greatly through the ages. As the Proliate rose to power around the First Dark Wars they linked themselves with the Magicians who took over the role of priest for their religious ceremonies. This led to the creation of the Academy of Magic, and for the first time, large scale training of Magicians (previously it was by a one to one apprenticeship only).mind crystal

Each Magician bears a crosier topped with a single mindre crystal. The mindre are known as the lesser magical crystals. With practice and the proper enchantment they can conjure spells of awesome power. Eventually, however, the mindre crystals will lose power. The more they are used, the quicker they need to be rejuvenated. The magic can be restored by incubating the mindre with the true source of magic, the ten Macht or power-crystals. With the increasing numbers of Magicians the mindre crystals have quickly started to lose their potency.

Unfortunately, the Macht crystals were stolen eons ago. The group that did so stated the theft was committed to prevent them from falling into the hands of a coming evil that would destroy Verngaurd. However, with the White Wizard and his Dark Warriors resurfacing, the Magicians and all of Verngaurd are feeling vulnerable.

There are four classes of Magicians. At the bottom are the Novices, they wear red hats and robes. Studies at this level take two to ten years. Apprentice: The second level takes one to five years depending on ability and study. Green robes with hood, hair expected to be in a ponytail. Adjutants: It takes a minimum of six years to advance to master. Yellow hooded robes with blue stars. Yellow headbands and pony tail holder.magician star The final level is Master. They wear blue robes and a blue head band with a large gold star in the middle. Hair is expected to be a ponytail tied with plain blue fabric. At this level they finally get their own crosier with a magical mindre crystal. The magicians’ symbol: a star with elements of the sun (the ray like arms) and sky (the blue).

The Magicians raise and train griffins for travel and battle. Supreme Master Veneficus rides Runor, the one pegasus alive in the world.

magician master

magicians flag


Capital: The Citadel

Ruled by: Supreme Master Veneficus

Champion: N/A

Flag: Blue with stylized yellow star

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marinerspirate leaderA shadowy group, they are based on the Eastern seaboard of Verngaurd and on a smattering of islands within the Dark Sea. Most of them are disgruntled Piscinians, but most countries have a few representatives. They will do anything for money, and work as much for the White Wizard and his Dark Warriors as patrons in Verngaurd.

Capital: None

Ruled by: No ruler: individual captains control each ship

Champion: N/A

Flag: Black

mariners flag

pisciumThe only true sailors in Verngaurd other than the Mariners, the members of this aquatic society are based in the Northeast of Verngaurd. They are known for their great passion and quick temper. Their spirit makes them unpredictable.

The first to be attacked by the Dark Warriors, they hastily threw together an army with two divisions. Despite their fearsome weaponry they are poorly trained and prone to disorderly behavior. The first division is the Retiarian: the second is called the Suoli.suoli

They wear distinctive chest armor made from simpukka dried mussel shells. They are found only off the northern coast of Piscium and considered a national treasure. The tough shells are baked in a thin iron coating resulting in a blue green hue.

The Retiarians wear a large manica or shoulder and arm guard on their left side. They carry a weighted net to entangle their opponent’s weapon and a six foot trident. They also wield the devastating anclas. On one end three prongs jut out before curving menacingly around into a “C” shape. If it managed to strike an unarmored abdomen, the victim would be eviscerated. The opposite end has two main sharpened beak-like blades which arch in opposite directions.

The Suoli bear shields of a unique design. The bottom part splays out like the tail of a whale. Around the lower section is a reinforced net to entangle spears and swords. They brandish the iaculum or disemboweling spear. Down the shaft it has several backwards facing barbs to entangle bowels or other organs and rip them out.emperor

Fanga, Emperor: thick and volatile, it is hard to miss this boisterous ruler from Piscium. He wears a yellow cape and a gold crown studded with various pearls and jewels. He carries a large scepter topped with a shell native to Piscium called a simpukka.


piscian flag

Capital: Pescare

Ruled by: Emperor Fanga works with a senate, with representatives of all of the parishes within Piscium. Each parish sends three elected representatives.

Champion: Cetarius

Flag: Their flag has a yellow trident and spear forming an “X” across it. Occasionally it will have pale blue seashells, anchors, or stylized fish.

proliatered guardA people originally from the craggy chain of islands making up the far Eastern border of Verngaurd. They used to be scavengers, living off raids and pillaging until King Udistus took power just before the Dark Wars. Legend states he had a series of dreams outlining the oncoming attacks by the Dark Warriors and the true way to worship Tallcon, their phoenix god. Almost overnight the Proliators turned from a backwards country scrapping out a living on a barren set of isles to a well-oiled military machine that now wields enormous authority on the mainland.

Their new-found discipline and the Knights’ horrific defeats during the Dark Wars led to a massive surge in prestige and territory. With a recent upswing in Dark Warrior attacks their influence continues to swell as that of the Knights continues to plunge.

The more prestigious units are the Red Guard. They are also known as red death or the Rutilus Obitus. Besides a fearsome infantry they are responsible for guarding the temples to Tallcon. They have red shields and armor with a thin silver outline of Tallcon. Their red helmets are flanked by two large wings which rise well above the top of the helmet to touch in the center. Their favorite weapons are a long spear, called the Merja and a medium sword.

red gaurd flag

While the Silver or Ultor Divisions are less zealous these troops are still highly trained and lethal. They wear silver shields and armor. They have no true cavalry, but some of the Ultor ride spraks, bizarre lizard-like creatures from the Proliate islands. The Ultor can also unleash Tilkeri or saber-toothed cats from the Proliate Islands.

Capital: The Citadel

Ruled by: High Commander Storlax (when King Udistus died, he had no children).

Champion: Mester and Fenik

Flag: White flag with red phoenix

flag of the ultorsprakproliate flag

Rebelde PlainspumulisThis country is a melting pot for outlaws and those dissatisfied with their native land. They have a loose government, mostly for justice and order. Policy is decided in country-wide meetings called politeia. These gatherings are run by the leaders or Triumvirate.

The main politeia meeting area is a series of massive stone sculptures arranged in a circle with and open meeting area known as the cruinniú.

While the individuals making up their army are rugged, they have no formal training and are hobbled by their lack of discipline.

Rebelde Plains flag


Capital: Kyla

Ruled by: A Triumvirate: Kelig-Elf, Teyol-human, and Vakava-Dwarf

Champion: Unknown

Flag: Pure blue to symbolize freedom and autonomy in all facets of their life.



Ifrean castleSeparated from Verngaurd by the Dark Sea, this is a mysterious land ruled by the fiendish White Wizard. This shadowy figure is said to be everywhere and nowhere. Movement by the inhabitants within Ifrean is strictly regulated. In fact, maps are almost unheard of and all information about Ifrean is restricted.

Little is known about the people who live there other than their army, the Dark Warriors. There are rumors that the White Wizard had all non-human inhabitants eliminated many centuries ago. Some report those who serve the White Wizard with particular ferocity earn the right to live in a special region known as Paradise.white wizard

The Dark Warriors burst onto Verngaurd sixty years ago in numbers that were thought impossible. To make matters worse the White Wizard seemed to know every move the Knights were going to make. After millennia of dominance, the Knights began to suffer severely at the hands of these ruthless and fanatic warriors. Terror struck at the hearts of all inhabitants of Verngaurd as the tales of their horrific acts spread like wildfire.

At the Battle of Petturi during the First Dark Wars the Southern Dwarves betrayed the Knights allowing the Dark Warriors a lopsided victory. Just when it seemed the Dark Warriors would conquer all of Verngaurd the Proliate and Magicians rose up and pushed them back across the sea. However, the uneasy peace has been broken as sightings of the Dark Warriors are increasing.

Ifrean flag

Capital: Musta Kuolema

Ruled by: White Wizard

Champion: None, the White Wizard gives all his subjects an equal chance to die.

Flag: A sloppily painted white sorcerer’s hat and staff against a black background.


Dark Warrior Attacks