dragon countryThere are three types of dragons with intelligence inversely correlated with size. The green Vioma and blue Kirvella are native to mainland Verngaurd while the Saatana were originally found on the rocky Proliate Islands. The Sataana were moved by the Knights and Dwarves to join their cousins in volcano infested central Verngaurd when they were hunted to near extinction by the Proliate warriors.

To breathe fire the dragons strike two unbreakably hard and grooved frizzen together, one in the upper and one in the lower lip of the dragon’s mouth. kirvella dragonsOnce they collide a spark is created just as the dragon launches a forceful stream of naphtha, a viscous liquid that becomes un-extinguishable when lit.

The smaller Kirvella Dragons speak fluently and have intellects to rival any in Verngaurd. The blue males are the ruling class and work closely with the Northern Dwarves. They feed on large insects and farmed bats.

vioma dragons


The large Vioma Dragons are green and understand simple commands from their Dwarf trainers-the Aer Ridire. Going into battle they are armored and fitted with small wooden carriages for the Northern Dwarves air cavalry, the Aer Ridire.


saatana dragons

Red Saatana are the largest dragons and their enormous size is matched only by their untamed savagery. They have fish-like gills on the sides of their horned heads which help regulate the flow of air so they can breathe while blasting fire.

Capital: Mount Honoo

Ruled by: Council of Kirvella which consists of eight Kirvella Dragons: 1. Eide 2. Noesis 3. Chiffre 4. Dianoia 5. Contatto 6. Pistis 7. Eikones 8. Eikasia

Champion: None

Flag: None

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