leader of elves


Grand Master Elf: This ancient position was created shortly after the Western Elves broke away from Creber Forest. The position is alternately filled by an Elf of Creber and a Western Elf. As tensions have mounted the position has become more of a token position. Currently it is filled by Patuljak.





Elves of Creber

creber elvesThese Elves live within the confines of their sacred Creber Forest. They have evolved to blend in with the trees. Their brown skin has hints of black and green with deep, bark-like ruts. They have fine facial features and pointed ears. They “see” completely differently than any other creature.an elf of creber Vision to them is a series of complex colors based on anything from health-sickness to aggression-good will.

There are no traditional buildings or structures. Each Elf has an arbor breith or birth tree. The roots of these massive trees are above the ground and the Elves live beneath them. From birth to death there is an unbreakable connection between each Elf and his or her arbor breith.


All of their utensils and weapons come from smooth vestigial branches known as uhri. These branches simply re-grow when cut, assuring that no tree within Creber is ever cut down.

The center of Elf life is the massive edelia arbor breith or Tree of Life. This colossal tree grows in the center of chyfys, an outdoor temple area. It is said to be the first tree of Creber, the birth tree of the nation of Elves.

Varna are the Elfin warriors who defend the forest. All of their weapons come from the riches of the forest: white wood bows, a staff over five feet long, a truncheon or baton (a wooden bar made to fit outside their arms with a hand grip), a nunchaku (two sticks connected by short rope), and a kama (a stick tipped with the unbreakable beak of a Tuima bird).

elves of creber flag

Capital: Tree of Life

Ruled by: Ruling class of Archerians, headed by Ailante

Champion: Kempe

Flag: Green with a silvery-white tree


Western Elves (Elves of Dunn)

western elfThese Elves threw off the traditions of Creber and headed west. They felt the relationship between Elf and birth tree had grown too strong, too perverse, to the point of being unhealthy. They become skilled craftselves, priding themselves on substantial cities bursting with elaborate buildings. The Tower of Dunn is the most famous building among many elaborate structures. Over the centuries the Western Elves became taller and of fairer skin than the Elves remaining in Creber. Their faces tend to be monochromatic with no deep ruts or grooves. Utilizing their awareness of the natural world their sparkling cities are surrounded by high yielding farms.

Herra Isanta: is a sleek warrior with unequalled skills at the bow and halberd, and is regarded as the best fighter of the Western Elves. She has long black hair and dark black eyes. She is lean but well muscled.

western elves flag

Capital: City of Dunn

Ruled by: Bondi

Champion: Herra Isanta

Flag: Black pennants with a golden bow: within the bow to the right is a tree and to the left is the Black Tower of Dunn