Ifrean castleSeparated from Verngaurd by the Dark Sea, this is a mysterious land ruled by the fiendish White Wizard. This shadowy figure is said to be everywhere and nowhere. Movement by the inhabitants within Ifrean is strictly regulated. In fact, maps are almost unheard of and all information about Ifrean is restricted.

Little is known about the people who live there other than their army, the Dark Warriors. There are rumors that the White Wizard had all non-human inhabitants eliminated many centuries ago. Some report those who serve the White Wizard with particular ferocity earn the right to live in a special region known as Paradise.white wizard

The Dark Warriors burst onto Verngaurd sixty years ago in numbers that were thought impossible. To make matters worse the White Wizard seemed to know every move the Knights were going to make. After millennia of dominance, the Knights began to suffer severely at the hands of these ruthless and fanatic warriors. Terror struck at the hearts of all inhabitants of Verngaurd as the tales of their horrific acts spread like wildfire.

At the Battle of Petturi during the First Dark Wars the Southern Dwarves betrayed the Knights allowing the Dark Warriors a lopsided victory. Just when it seemed the Dark Warriors would conquer all of Verngaurd the Proliate and Magicians rose up and pushed them back across the sea. However, the uneasy peace has been broken as sightings of the Dark Warriors are increasing.

Ifrean flag

Capital: Musta Kuolema

Ruled by: White Wizard

Champion: None, the White Wizard gives all his subjects an equal chance to die.

Flag: A sloppily painted white sorcerer’s hat and staff against a black background.


Dark Warrior Attacks