independent knightsOnce the proud protectors of Verngaurd with thirty-five large castles and keeps throughout the land, they saw their influence exhausted after the brutal Dark Wars. The Knights were badly defeated sixty years ago and they are now down to three castles. The Proliate and Magicians are seen as the true victors of the first Dark Wars and took over much of the Knights’ power.knights in battle

Remaining castles: Liberum is centrally located and run by the head of the Knights, Friar Pallium. They use animals to signify the different squads. Taiheart is run by Veli Falciss and uses heraldry on shields to designate their squads. Toil Shaor is run by Veli Pinguis and they use numbers to designate their squads.

Their way of life is being threatened by a growing lack of respect and trust. The countries of Verngaurd used to provide recruits and money in exchange for the Knights’ protection. Increasingly, each country has been building up its own army and looking to the Proliate for defense.

Young children start their career as stable mates with menial duties. Between the ages of ten and twelve they graduate to squire and are assigned to a Knight. At eighteen they qualify to test for Knighthood via trials and exams.liberum castle


Capital: Liberum

Ruled by: Friar Pallium is in overall command. The Veli head up their remaining friar

knights flagChampion: Ritari

Flag: A blue flag with a white castle tower in front of two crossed swords: rising from the top “V” made by the swords is a dove of peace. It conveys that the Knights are defenders of Verngaurd and enforcers of peace and tranquility. Click for more Independent Knights pictures