proliatered guardA people originally from the craggy chain of islands making up the far Eastern border of Verngaurd. They used to be scavengers, living off raids and pillaging until King Udistus took power just before the Dark Wars. Legend states he had a series of dreams outlining the oncoming attacks by the Dark Warriors and the true way to worship Tallcon, their phoenix god. Almost overnight the Proliators turned from a backwards country scrapping out a living on a barren set of isles to a well-oiled military machine that now wields enormous authority on the mainland.

Their new-found discipline and the Knights’ horrific defeats during the Dark Wars led to a massive surge in prestige and territory. With a recent upswing in Dark Warrior attacks their influence continues to swell as that of the Knights continues to plunge.

The more prestigious units are the Red Guard. They are also known as red death or the Rutilus Obitus. Besides a fearsome infantry they are responsible for guarding the temples to Tallcon. They have red shields and armor with a thin silver outline of Tallcon. Their red helmets are flanked by two large wings which rise well above the top of the helmet to touch in the center. Their favorite weapons are a long spear, called the Merja and a medium sword.

red gaurd flag

While the Silver or Ultor Divisions are less zealous these troops are still highly trained and lethal. They wear silver shields and armor. They have no true cavalry, but some of the Ultor ride spraks, bizarre lizard-like creatures from the Proliate islands. The Ultor can also unleash Tilkeri or saber-toothed cats from the Proliate Islands.

Capital: The Citadel

Ruled by: High Commander Storlax (when King Udistus died, he had no children).

Champion: Mester and Fenik

Flag: White flag with red phoenix

flag of the ultorsprakproliate flag