book 1 excerpts

Book One-Na Cearcaill

Excerpts and Quotes

The significance of each change of season is easily buried in the smallest of life’s mundanities and trivialities. Yet, the true
consequence of time’s passage is there, blaring within the subtle disguise of a whisper for all who would listen.​

A change of seasons is upon you…and upon those whom you are about to meet…

shield break

After what seemed like hours, he stepped gratefully onto solid ground, and was greeted by a black sandstone arch curving over the entrance to the cemetery. Deep-green strands of ivy clawed their way up its sides, barb-like roots cutting deeply into the sandstone’s skeleton for traction on a quest for sun. The skin of ivy growth was unchecked except for a rectangular section on top of the archway which bore the inscription:

“Enter to increase your Wisdom,

Not of Death, but of how to Live.”

Lontas stepped through the archway, stretching before them was a dizzying array of grey stone arches, each with seemingly endless rows of tombstones lined up behind them.


Jealousy has a way of clouding logic.

shield break

Once metal hits metal and battle begins no one wishes they had practiced less!

shield break

Only a fool would call a desert a lake and expect it to change the amount of water.

desert arches

If you cross the desert midday and call the sand cool, it will still burn your feet.  To my thinking, the one who should feel foolish is the one who called the sand cool, not the sand itself.  The sand will keep doing what it should be doing.

shield break

You must practice until you see everything about the entire conflict: the location of the fight, your opponents mind, body and spirit.

shield break

Your foe’s weapons and armor are strong, but the least important aspects of the fight.  The weakest part of any enemy is the flesh and blood wearing and wielding the cold, hard steel.

bloody sword

Of his body the most vulnerable, and the easiest to attack, is the mind.  Defeat your enemy’s mind and you conquer their will to fight and you will win.

knight with fire

The sacrifice of victory occurs years before the war begins.  Once the battle starts it is too late.

bells ringing

The bells of defeat strike the unprepared.

shield break

The world demands substantial sacrifice, often unfairly, from those it has bestowed the greatest ability.

shield break

Actions inspired by hope of glory or fortune result in false prizes that decompose quickly.

shield break

I will let myself miss people, but not for long.  All things end.  To think otherwise will only lead to disappointment.

hourglass skull

Time continually strides forward, turning all that glitters to old.

shield break

When the trophy and combatant are dust, only the motivation of the deed will remain.  Victory over self is pure and will never fade.

shield break

Most people do not contemplate the motivation of their actions or understand the importance of doing them well and for the right reason.

yellow wooden door

Move through life as if every one of your actions will echo forever.

shield break

I hate to see the greatness that lies untouched in your heart squandered.  

ocean lightening

I suggest you abandon the feeble perception of yourself you currently espouse and wake up your true self lying neglected deep within.

shield break

Power is only respected if it is not used, otherwise it is simply fear.


Accept and embrace change. If you think happiness is to be found in anything of this world, you are bound to be wrong and frustrated by its impermanence.”

shield break

It’s easy to overlook our own gifts while coveting others, often without knowing the full effort that is required to bear them.

face and mnd

Unlike bodily scars, those in our thoughts are living, changing injuries that feed on anger and starve on forgiveness.  Until fully pardoned the unrest always exists, constantly swimming below the surface and coloring ones outlook.



“For me, it’s too late,
Don’t suffer my fate.
I once walked the earth
Inert to life’s worth.
Routine, my shield,
I loathed foreign field.
Too late did I wake up
To drink from life’s cup.
Be bold in life,
Do not shun strife.
Soon you will be here
And lost, all you hold dear.”


Live life as if it were a grand adventure. Don’t let fear paralyze you.

cloud castle

Attack, and enjoy life with no regrets.  Do your talking while your heart is powerful and your muscles have the strength to chase your dreams. What you do every day in the here and now, that is the substance of your life.  It doesn’t start at some magical point in the future.

shield break

When you realize the forces holding you down are of your own making, you will achieve a greatness few can dream of.

shield break

Not much changes if sleep is where you live out your dreams.  Start living your dreams out in the day and sleep becomes a time of rest from living rather than an escape from life.


Images of tombstones and thoughts of the rotting corpses they stood sentry over flashed through his mind. The two stepped gingerly onto the wooden planks which creaked and moaned as if in protest, angry at being woken from their slumber on such a brisk night. An energetic wind commanded the fuming bridge to sway and lurch, adding to the squires’ dread. They stopped and strained their eyes, trying to make sense of the shadowy shapes of graves rising and falling ominously like barren trees.

         A songlike shrill whistled through the cemetery just as a frigid gust of wind rushed across their body.

         “What’s that?”

         “It’s only the breeze flowing past the tombstones.”

         “Sounds like ghosts singing. I’m so totally done with ghosts!”

         “Come o…” Bellae stopped abruptly.

A tall, dark figure sprinted between two of the tombs. The speed and size of the creature struck Bellae with a wave of doubt as Lontas shivered, his thin veil of courage, woven from Friar’s words, shredded under the deep darkness and his flourishing fear.

shield break

I cannot see the future, but I can tell you that opportunities, good and bad, don’t ask permission before opening the door and hauling us through.

shield break

Each of us stares at four simple words: living, dreams, your and in.  But, how we mold them transforms everything.  Living in your dreamsat night changes nothing, but living your dreams indaylight reshapes your soul and the world. Start living your dreams out in the day and let sleep be a time of rest from living rather than an escape from life.

shield break

True glory comes from acknowledging your fear, calming your emotions, and bringing mind, body and spirit into a single and just purpose.  You faced your fear today, that’s heroism.  

shield break

We are all born within a certain time, at a certain place, with the opportunities that era and our status bestow. Beyond that, fate is simply an excuse for failure and a justification for power.

skull hourglass

Words spoken from spite corrode hearts, especially for the one talking.

tunnel fire

From the beginning of your life to its end you are all you really have.


Sorry, it’s just so much easier to not be afraid in the daytime.  The spirit of the night seems to come and transform normal objects into monsters after dark.

kneeling knight

War always costs more than you expect.  Hostility takes over every facet of your accustomed life.  It worms and digs its way into each tiny crevice, spreading, ripping, and shredding everything that is familiar.  Eventually, fighting congeals and reforms itself into a living, breathing reality that consumes everything you knew.

dark warrior army

War is a fierce, self-serving, and unforgiving master.  It demands the surrender of your freewill as it dictates the future to you.  Then, as a tribute of sacrifice it requires nothing less than your friendships, humanity, love . . . all that makes life worth living.

countries dragon

All rulers make this mistake.  They take something simple and pure, and twist it into something complicated.  It’s part of their job description.  If only life were as straightforward as battle and war.

dark warrior attack

No, war is simple.  Two or more warriors stand across from each other and fight.  The best and smartest side wins, the other side loses.  Simple.  No blasted chatter.  No fool leader talking out the side of his mouth.  There are enough complicated things in life.  Don’t waste your time making simple things difficult.

large battle

Watching the only home she had ever known, and the most prominent landmark in her life shrink made Bellae feel off-balance.  The thin blanket of the familiar was evaporating, leaving her feeling exposed and lost without Liberum’s looming walls and strict, but comfortable and predictable, schedule.

book market

I know what lies ahead can seem overwhelming, but in reality it is no different than any other day.  We may not understand, or want the future to be uncertain, but it always is whether we recognize that fact or not. All you can do is give your best effort, follow your heart and make the best decisions you can.

shield break

Conquering what you are afraid of might be a reasonable definition of a true hero, but it doesn’t make it easier.

foggy mountain

Every morning sets us on a voyage to a place cloaked in fog that we have never seen, our unknown future. There’s the problem.  We have to make good decisions without seeing what is in front of us.

old wooden door

Each day is a step towards an uncertain fate, creating our destiny one stride at a time.  Make a conscious decision on where you want to go, and how agreeably you will walk your life’s journey.

Sometimes I think the glaring light of day hides the truths that can only be perceived in the shadows of the night.  It is only in the darkness, away from the comfort and mirage of welfare of the sunlight that we awake to see the true reality of our circumstances.

shield break

Grasp the moment in front of you and breathe it in, treasure it for what it is, the most important time of your existence.

anger and frustration

Don’t let anger or frustration rule your days.  Like a wall can break your hand when you punch it, the anger you lash out towards others splatters back on your own heart.

caged man sings

Cages come in all shapes and sizes, and some do not have a key.  Whether it be from custom, tradition, worry of being different, or fear, our own minds can create powerful cages that bind us to what is familiar and comfortable.

graveyard end

Exit from Knight graveyard.

“Leave to Genuinely Live.

Savor each instant for what it Truly Is.”