The Power Crystals



With Verngaurd crumbling into chaos an ancient prophecy foretells of a young hero who can find the source of Magic, the Macht Crystals, and save the world.

The quest to find the five pairs of crystals is protected by a series of primeval riddles, timeless guardians, and formidable trials. Below is a summary of the five pairs of Macht, or Power, Crystals and a brief glimpse of their riddles.






1. Perception-Deception: The “Seeing” Crystals

hamata star

The Chosen One

You have cleared the Dragon’s test.
Now you are ready for your quest.
Carefully follow each clue.
Courage and persistence will see you through.

Let there be no doubt,
Nothing shall be freely given out.
Each step will be a fight,
And bring secrets to light.

Five sets of power crystals to seek.
Succeed and the strong shall fear the weak.
Recover them and deny Evil.
Undo millennia of savage crimes and upheaval.

First, crystals of sight.
Sometimes you need more than light.
Seek the crystals of perception.
Beware it’s joined opposite, deception.



2. Power-Weakness: The “Strength” Crystals

faith crystal





Strength crystals are Second.

Always a force to be reckoned.

Seek the crystals of Power.

Or Weakness will rule the hour.







3. Life-Death: The “Time” Crystals

hourglass puzzle


The Time crystals are Third.
In this world, it demands to be heard.
It dominates each and every Life.
Death frees you from that strife.

Three symbols are here for you.
Not too many, not too few.
The symbol of Life
The symbol of Death The symbol of After Death

Find the one to solve the riddle.
Step only on that ones middle.
Start at where you began,
Go as fast as you can.

If you are correct, then slosh,
In death you will wash.
If you are incorrect, then bam,
The arrows will slam.



cave opening crystal


crogall cave crystal










4. Love-Hate: The “Sacrifice” Crystals

love-hate crystals

Sacrifice crystals are set number four.
To find them, you’ll need to pull oar.
Love is one side; Hate is the other.
You will decide who dies, you or another?

With each decision in life there is a cost.
Something gained, something lost.
Love is about giving more than receiving.
Hate bleeds heartache on the hater; no deceiving.






5. Knowledge-Ignorance: The “Wisdom” Crystals

gorm crystals

centaur crystal


Wisdom crystals are at the end.
Prepare yourself to offend.
Knowledge, easy to say hard to achieve.
You must break the evil one’s Ignorance weave.

Even if you succeed in this,
The world is not free from the abyss.
The Evil One grows frantic.
The last task is gigantic.





indrasnet crystal

hippocamp crystal

Symbols before you, twenty-five.
A solution for each you must arrive.
Find the two of which you search.
Pick the wrong one and you are in a lurch.

Once you find the two.
Push them and you are through.
Then you will finally know what to do.
The many will be saved by the few.